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Das Programm


Das Programm

„Shellz“ started their musical career in early 2016 under the name „She Sells Sea Shells“. From the early beginning this band started to take off really quickly by sharing the stage with internationally popular and established bands such as While She Sleeps, Beartooth or Attila. Their independently released debut EP „Savior | Remedy“(2017, recorded & mixed by Simon Yildirim of To the Rats and Wolves, mastered by Aljoscha Sieg) was an unmistakable precursor of what these guys have in store. In early 2019, right in the middle of the Album crafting process, they decided to mark a new evolution of the band and continued their journey under the banner „Shellz“.If you dig modern Post-Hardcore and if you can’t get enough ofbands like „A Day To Remember“ or „Beartooth“, Shellz will drive younuts! Angry screamed vocals, modern breakdowns, fresh Keyboard hooks paired with sugary clean vocal passages make this band something very special. In short: the roots of punk, metal and hardcore are diligently supplied with nutrients. Ten impressive songs which can hardly be more uncompromising and powerful, dealing with topics like love, loss and the feeling of being crushed by all the weight of modern society will lift you up and stick to your ears like honey!

Die Band

Daniel Hochreiter

Alexander Lips

Christopher Lerner

Manoj Galle

Jonathan Zimmermann

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